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Goldtrap Law provides professional services to anyone who needs legal consultation to their attorney in Nashville Tennessee. All information that you share with the attorney is strictly confidential. The goal of the law office is to represent people that need DUI Lawyers who are arrested with DUI and other criminal defense lawyers in Nashville Tennessee representation. I can be a lawyer near you and I can serve or represent anyone in Middle Tennessee. Don't look for any other lawyers in Nashville Tennessee than me.


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Goldtrap Law is a team of caring professionals. The staff is ready to guide you on what to do during a case or a trial. Nashville criminal defense attorney is ready to serve.



Goldtrap Law is here to help you navigate through several aspects of the legal process. Your initial consultation is free. Make an appointment and let's see if we can help you.

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Attorney Jefre Goldtrap is not only interested in helping you in the courtroom, but also in helping you to understand the laws and procedures of a courtroom.


In his blog, Jef shares insights that will help you understand how a great Nashville Criminal Defense Attorney works with passion for their clients and what to do on the court during the hearing!


Ebook Probation 101 - Criminal Defense Attorney in Nashville Tennessee



Have you or someone you know been placed on probation? If so, this free e-book is a must for you!


With years of experience as a former probation officer, Attorney Jefre Goltrap offers priceless insight on how to successfully SURVIVE PROBATION!