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Attorney Jefre Goldtrap and his legal team have been providing professional legal services in Nashville, Tennessee and the surrounding areas for almost two decades.


We are dedicated to providing our clients with the best legal representation possible. Jefre Goldtrap has won many cases for his clients and continues to overcome the odds of what some might consider impossible victories.


When it comes to your freedom and your rights, Mr. Goldtrap and his associates will protect your rights and stand by your side every step of the way. With the help of his staff, he works tirelessly for his clients to ensure the highest level of legal representation.


We don't judge you, and all communication between you and the Attorney and his staff is strictly confidential.


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Criminal Defense Attorney in Nashville Goldtrap Law
Jefre Goldtrap

As a former probation officer for the State of Tennessee, Jefre Goldtrap undertands the legal system from both sides. He has practiced law since 1997, and has represented people charged with criminal offenses from first degree murder to shoplifting.


Attorney Goldtrap has conducted jury trials in Davidson, Sumner, Cheatham, Hickman and Rutherford counties.


Mr. Goldtrap has represented people in divorce cases, custody matters and issues regarding child support and marital property.


Jef has helped persons injured in auto accidents, slip and fall injuries and persons who have been injured by negligent tractor trailer drivers. What can he do for you?