How Can They Charge Me With Drug Possession?

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

Drug Possession

Your charged with possessing marijuana but it was not in your pocket. How can you be charged with drug possession? You can still be charged even if the marijuana were not on you. You will still be arrested, bonded and have to hire a criminal defense lawyer. Call me NOW! 615-254-1471 or text 615-516-3812.

In Nashville there is actual drug possession and constructive possession. If I have weed in my pocket I am in actual possession. If the weed is in the car and I can reach it and I intend to reach it I can be in

constructive possession. How can they charge me with possession? You can be in the car with three friends and everyone gets arrested for the same weed. This scene can be played out in many other places. You are at a friends house. The music is too loud and the police are called. They come to the door and smell weed. They walk in. Some marijuana is one the coffee table and eight people are in the house. How can they charge me with possession? Who claims the weed? The police might say “if someone claims this weed we will let everyone else go.” Since no one wants to go to jail no one claims it. The police can charge everybody who was in the house because (a.) everyone could have come into physical possession of the weed – anyone could have put it in their pocket and, (b.) everyone was at the party had the intent to smoke the weed. Be careful!

How can they charge me with illegal drugs possession? This is how!If you get arrested for possession of marijuana you are going to need a lawyer. Call my office as soon as you can and make an appointment. In all my time as a Nashville, Tennessee criminal defense lawyer I have helped many people charged with possession of drugs. Call 615-254-1471. If you need to text after hours text to 615-516-3812.

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