Just Show Up!

You were charged with a crime. You have to go to court. JUST SHOW UP! You got a lawyer. You fought the case and you negotiated an agreement. In an agreement there was parts you are happy about like probation. There are parts you are not thrilled with like jail time. If you have probation you must appear at the probation office so JUST SHOW UP! If you have some jail time you must turn yourself in to the jail. JUST SHOW UP! In Nashville, Gallatin and several surrounding counties you can agree to do some time in jail, usually on weekends, in exchange for your plea. There is a big huge condition to your success – showing up. So JUST SHOW UP!

JUST SHOW UP but where. Many folks are so excited that they are not going to jail today and they do not remember the details. “I have to go to jail.” OK, where? In some counties there is only one facility. In Nashville there are several. Do you turn yourself in to the Criminal Justice Center at 448 2nd Avenue? JUST SHOW UP! Do you turn yourself in at the CDC facility at 5113 Harding Place? JUST SHOW UP! Where do I go? If your plea agreement says you will serve more than ten days you must report to the CJC, 448 2nd Avenue North, Nashville. If your plea agreement says you will serve less than ten days, like a weekend DUI conviction, you must go to the CDC facility at 5113 Harding Place, Nashville. For more or less than ten days the first point is JUST SHOW UP!

JUST SHOW UP when? What is your work schedule? You can turn yourself in at the Criminal Justice Center, CJC, seven days a week, 24 hours a day. I don’t get off work until 10pm. Turn yourself in at anytime if you are serving more than 10 days. If you are serving less than 10 days turn yourself in at CDC between 8 in the morning and 9 at night.

JUST SHOW UP with what? First show up with yourself. This is not a family meeting. Do not bring your Mom, Dad and five children. Do not bring your car and leave it at the jail parking lot for a few days. Are you going to CDC? Do bring a change of underwear meaning 1 white t-shirt, 1 white underwear and 1 pair of socks. Do bring 1 towel, wash cloth and 1 pair of shower shoes. IF you are going to CJC they will have jail clothes including underwear so just where the clothes you want to go home with. They will be returned when you check out. Do bring $20.00 for the snack or drink machine. Do you take prescription medication? Do bring the medication, IN THE ORIGINAL PRESCRIPTION BOTTLE. Medication must be approved by the jail medical staff. Sneaking medications in the jail can make a new charge for you and can keep you in jail much longer than you had in mind.

JUST SHOW UP to whatever facility with whatever you must bring. If you told a judge you would do one, two or ten weekends DO IT! Imagine how hard it is to explain to a judge how they gave you a break and let you keep working through the week but you could not bother to show up to turn yourself in?

A lawyer can work magic in the courtroom but he or she can only play the cards that you deal. The lawyer can negotiate a wonderful deal but he or she cannot serve your time. You have to do this. The first step to success is JUST SHOW UP!

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