Don't Get Caught In The Net!


My teenager tells me a new site for messaging friends. I have never heard of it. Its a brave new world out there. While the internet and social media are wonderful places to learn, play and do business they can also be dangerous places. Be careful and don’t get caught in the net.

I grew up in Florida and I would fish all the time. I loved to fish for snook, redfish and tarpon. These gamefish eat little fish so you need a large supply of bait. To get the bait you would throw out bits of shrimp and wait for the little fish to gather round. While they did not notice the danger, you throw your cast net. The net encircles the bait fish. Before they realize what is happening they are trapped. Before they can escape they are caught in the net. As a boy I used a real nylon net to trap the little fish. In our world we all live on the internet or “net.” The net can be a wonderful place to find old friends. Any business these days must have a site on the net. Seems to me that every six year old child can get on the net and google any topic they choose. This is the world we live in. Your friendly Drug Charges Attorney in Nashville is warning you – don’t get caught in the net.

Do you post pictures of your car, your house or maybe a big fish you caught? Wonderful! Do you post pictures of stuff you stole out of someone’s house? Stupid! Do you post pictures of you with a nice new gun? OK. Oh, your a convicted felon? Dumb! Do not EVER put pictures on your social media that you don’t mind sharing with the local police. When the police come knocking they may have a search warrant for your house. Do you know where they got the information for the search warrant? Yep, YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNT! Be careful!

I read an excellent article about search warrants and social media in the National Trial Lawyers site The article talks about the case of United States v. Gatson in the District Court of New Jersey Criminal No. 13–705 and U.S. v. Meregildo (883 F. Supp. 2d 523, 525 (S.D.N.Y. 2012)). Have a look and Don’t Get Caught in the Net!

Have you been caught up in a criminal case? Call me. I may be able to help.

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