Probation Rule 1


  • You are on probation. How did this happen? What will become of you? You will survive probation. To survive you must follow the rules. Probation Rule One no new arrests

  • You went to a party. You had too much to drink. Next thing you know you are talking to your local police officer and being charged with a crime. I am not the kind of person who would break into a car, hit that person, hold some drugs whatever! You may not be that person but you are now “that person” who finds yourself on probation. Learn and follow the rules of probation. Probation Rule One no new arrests.

  • You have the opportunity to serve your sentence somewhere other than in jail. Does it come as a shock that you have rules of probation? Of course not! There is a rule at your job, a rule at school, a rule in baseball; why not a rule of probation?

  • Probation Rule One No New Arrests. DO NOT PICK UP ANY NEW ARRESTS. There are several ways to not pick up new arrests. First and foremost is this….do not break the law! It may sound simple. It may sound very difficult but it is not.

  • If you were convicted of burglary do not go into someone else’s house without the owner standing there with you. If you were convicted of marijuana possession do not smoke weed, do not hold anyone’s weed and do not sell weed. STOP IT NOW! Another way to not get arrested is to stop hanging around with the folks you used to get arrested with. I have helped many people just like you over the years. Many people keep getting arrested with the same set of friends over and over and over. Look around someday and I bet you will notice something, ready, watch with me; cats will hang around other cats, dogs with dogs, birds with birds; isn’t that interesting. No Jef that is too simple! Maybe not. In my world the pot heads hang out with pot heads; the pill guys hang out with pill guys, the thieves hang with the thieves and so on. Find a new set of friends. This will not be easy but nothing worth having is easy. Finding new friends will not be easy but jail isn’t easy. Think of the fun you will have six months from now when you say “I used to be on probation!” You can say you followed Probation Rule One no new arrests. You can do it! You can survive and succeed at probation.

  • There are rules of probation. Probation Rule One no new arrests. If you can keep the rules you can survive. For four years I was a state probation officer. As a lawyer I have represented hundreds of clients charged with violation of probation. Many have gone on to complete probation. You can do it! I am here to help you SURVIVE PROBATION. Remember and keep Probation Rule One no new arrests.

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