What Does Uncontested Mean?


What does Uncontested mean? When people are talking about contested and uncontested they are usually talking about a divorce. They can be talking about other things. Contested means we are fighting about something. When I was a boy I wanted to play with the red fire truck. My brother wanted to play with the same fire truck. We wrestled around to decide who got to play with the fire truck. We did not agree so we had a “contest” to see who would win. By the way he was always bigger and tougher and he usually won LOL. If the fire truck was uncontested it would mean that my brother and I agreed on who was going to play with the fire truck. As adults sometimes we cannot agree on something so we hire lawyers and go to court. We contest a case. We fight about a case. If we agree on a case we are uncontested. What does Uncontested mean? Uncontested means we agree.

What does Uncontested mean? Most of the time folks are talking about divorce cases. Lawyers talk about contested or uncontested divorces. When there is an uncontested divorce the husband and wife agree they want to get a divorce and that one of them will be granted a divorce. The husband and wife agree on how they are going to divide the things that they own. Lets say each of them have a car. The husband has some fishing equipment, his high school trophies and some tools that his grandfather gave him. The wife has some pictures that her grandmother gave her, some figurines she has been collecting for years and a few nice pieces of jewelry. They agree that she will keep her stuff and he will keep his stuff. The husband and wife have two children, a boy and a girl. The husband and wife agree that the children will live with Mom and come to Dad’s house on a specific schedule. What does Uncontested mean? The have an agreement and will file an Uncontested divorce.

What does Uncontested mean? Sometimes people say they want to get an uncontested divorce. I ask what are you going to do with your cars? Well I never thought about that. I guess I will take the 2015 Lexus and she can take the 1994 Buick with 200,000 miles. Wrong! I will bet she will not agree. What next? Well she said I do not have to pay child support and I can see the kids anytime so we don’t have to write anything up right? WRONG! You have a contested divorce. In a contested divorce you can fight about everything. I have seen folks fight about who owns the canned goods in the pantry. Crazy right! You have the right to come to court and fight or contest your case but remember time is money. Another way to think about this is talk is cheap until you talk to a lawyer.

What does Uncontested mean? Can we agree to some things and not to others? Yes. You can file a contested divorce. After a while you and your husband/wife agree that you can divide all the “stuff” a certain way but you cannot agree to how much time each parent gets with the children. In that case you have an agreement but you need a judge to decide other things. You still have a contested divorce. Agree as much as you can. When you and your husband or wife can agree you still have control. When you argue in court and let a judge decide you have NO control. Exercise some control over your life. You did not ask the judge to decide who you should marry you so don’t ask the judge the decide how you should split up. Mediate, collaborate, negotiate and settle this fight. What does Uncontested mean? That is what uncontested means.

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