Be A Safe Pedestrian!


Be a Safe Pedestrian.

My office is in downtown Nashville. Yesterday I crossed a street about ten times. I crossed third avenue, James Robertson Avenue, Union Street and Commerce Street. Yesterday I was a pedestrian. What is a pedestrian? Someone who walks on the road is a pedestrian. The road is for cars but sometimes we have to walk from one side to another or walk along a roadway. When we do we become pedestrians. If you are a pedestrian how can you be safe? Here are some ideas...

If you are a pedestrian always walk on a sidewalk. In Nashville, and most urban areas, there are sidewalks. In Columbia, Franklin, Springfield and Dickson there are sidewalks. What happens if there is not a sidewalk. If you are in a place where no sidewalk is available walk in the path created by other people who have walked along the road. Be a safe pedestrian.

If you are a pedestrian and there is no sidewalk what do you do? Walk on the left shoulder or left side of the road. Why? In America we drive on the right. If you walk on the left, going toward the traffic. You will be facing the cars. You will see them and they will see you. Try to make eye contact with the driver. Wear colors that can be easily seen. If you walk at night wear something reflective. At night carry a flashlight. Be seen. Be a safe pedestrian.

If you are a pedestrian KEEP ALERT! I do not mean have a pet named “Lert.” OK bad humor. Keep alert. Everyone has a cell phone and some folks have cell phone watches. All this electronics is wonderful but it distracts us. I have seen people walk into signs while they are texting. I have seen folks step off a curb while texting. I have seen people step out into traffic, talking on their phones, never looking up to see other cars. Be alert. Watch traffic. Watch were your going. Be a safe pedestrian.

NEVER Assume that the driver sees you! Folks sitting in my office have said “sure he saw me, I was standing there!” Maybe, maybe not. Do not assume the driver sees you. Can you were bright clothes? Can you carry a flashlight? Can you walk as far from the road as possible? Use anything you can to be safe. Be a safe pedestrian.

Walk on the sidewalk. Walk in a path. Walk on the left. Wear bright clothes. Carry a flashlight and or wear reflective tape. Be alert at all times. Never assume the drivers see you. Share the road with drivers and be safe. Be a safe pedestrian.

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