Be a Safe Driver (Part 1)


Have you ever driven downtown? There are pedestrians, folks walking. Have you ever driven through a school area? There are little children walking. Have you driven near a church when a wedding, funeral, or Sunday School event is dismissing? See anyone walking, running or being in the road? They are pedestrians. Have you ever driven in an area after a sporting event or music show? Nashville is Music City. We are the home of the Tennessee Titans, Nashville Sounds and the Nashville Predators. If you drive near a school in the spring you will see pedestrians around a baseball game. In the fall you will see a high school or college football game. If we are going to drive we are going to share the road with pedestrians. How do I make sure everyone is safe? Be a safe driver.

Look for pedestrians. Be aware of your surroundings. You are aware of where the other cars are, where is the delivery truck, where is the stop light. Where are the pedestrians? Sometimes there are crosswalks. You can expect a pedestrian at a crosswalk, Where else should you expect them? Watch the sidewalks. Watch the side of the road. Watch between parked cars. Watch for pedestrians. Be a safe driver.

You are watching for pedestrians? When the conditions are good be careful. When the conditions are not good be especially careful. Statistically there are more pedestrian accidents at night, more in the rain, and even more in foggy conditions. Basically when the weather is bad be on your guard. I know the joke in Nashville is that when the conditions are bad we drive faster. Not really. When the conditions are bad be extra careful. Be a safe driver.

Do you drive in a place that has a crosswalk? Go slow, be cautious. Be on guard. Be ready to stop. Here in Nashville there are many intersections downtown. Many intersections have a “walk” and “no walk” sign. In Nashville we always obey the sign, Right? NO! Downtown folks cross the road when they have the red light, yellow light or green light. They will cross the road at the light, near the light and when they are far from a light. They will cross when they are aware of you the driver and when they are not. Go to any town in Tennessee. You will see some cautious caring pedestrians. You will see some folks step into the road, looking at their cell phones and having not the first clue that you are driving along the same road. You are the driver. You must be cautious at all times. You must e NEVER expect the pedestrian to follow the rules. Always expect you, the driver, to obey the rules. Be a safe driver.

Be a safe driver. Be aware of your surroundings. Be on the watch for pedestrians. If you are charged with a driving crime call me. If you were injured by a driver call my office. If I can help just call.

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