Be A Safer Pedestrian


Be a Safer Pedestrian. My office is in downtown Nashville. Today I drove on third avenue, second avenue and church street. Over a dozen people crossed the street in front of my car. Some were in crosswalks. Some were between cars. Some just wandered into the street hoping no one hits them. I wrote “Be a Safe Pedestrian.” No I want you to be a Safer Pedestrian.

Be careful! Remember you “share” the road with cars and trucks. You and I do not own the highway, we all share. The driver has a duty to be careful. You have a duty to be careful. The law says a driver cannot be so careless as to hit someone. The same law says you cannot dance in the middle of the highway then complain that somebody ran into you. Use good common sense. Be a safer pedestrian.

Use crosswalks if you have them. My office is in downtown Nashville. Fortunately we have lots of marked crosswalks. In many parts of the county there are marked crosswalks. Use these places to cross the street. Confession time – I have crossed the street in the middle of the road, outside an intersection, not even close to a crosswalk. The fact that I have before does not mean its OK for you to do so now. If there is a crosswalk go there. If you do not have a cross walk go to the intersection. When you have a chance to cross the street in the middle of the street or walk an extra few feet to the intersection – choose the intersection. “I had to take 15 extra minutes of walking!” You could say that. You could also say “It took two months to recover from my broken leg.” Take your choice. Use caution. Use good common sense. Be a safer pedestrian.

There is not a crosswalk or intersection, what now? In the daytime look for a place where you have the longest field of vision so you can see when there is a gap in the traffic. Look for enough time for you to be sure there is not traffic coming. If it is nighttime go to the best lighted area, with the longest gap so you can make sure you see any vehicles. Remember you need to see them and you want them to see you. Be cautious. Be a safer pedestrian.

DO NOT walk on “restricted access highways.” What is a restricted access highway? An interstate or any road that you have to enter and exit is a restricted access highway. Interstate 40, 24 or 65 in Nashville are restricted access highways. Ellington and Briley Parkways are restricted access highways. Yes they are nice open roads with big shoulders. It would be easy to use these roads but don’t! Stay off the interstate. Be a safer pedestrian.

Finally, never never never mix alcohol and / or drugs and being a pedestrian. What do you call the high or drunk pedestrian on the side of the road? The victim! You must be alert. Alcohol makes you less alert. Some drugs make you too alert and jumpy. This could be as dangerous as being too calm. Alcohol and drugs almost never help anyone but would never help a pedestrian. A drunk pedestrian is not safe! Be a safer pedestrian.

Share the road. Use the crosswalk. Cross where you can see traffic coming. Cross in a well lighted area. Do NOT walk on the interstate. Never mix alcohol and drugs with being a pedestrian. Always be alert and safe. Be a safer pedestrian.

If you are injured as a pedestrian come see us. We could help.

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