Life and Legal lessons from a finch

Hi this is attorney Jef Goldtrap back with another edition of my blog. I appreciate you following. This edition talks about “Court is a scary Place” or subtitle “What I learned from a little bird.” Let me relate an experience that I had recently. I came home from a day at the office. I came home and found out that my house was just a total chaos; total wildness which is not unusual at my house, but all the excitement was that a little bird flew into the house. Right in front of the front porch of my home, in a hanging Plant, a little Finch has decided to make her home and I am thrilled. I am excited that she's there because she is raising four little Babies. I look at him every now and then and, apparently, I'm a grandfather to four little birds. I have grand birds. Memaw and I are very happy about our grandbirds. I noticed Momma bird is feeding them. She is taking care of him she flies away as soon as we open the door and she flies back to her nest as soon as we leave, later, to take care of her babies. Recently my son came home and opened the door and apparently scared Momma bird. She flew out of her nest and flew in the house so I came home and here is the bird flying around. She flew to different parts of the home. I walked around and said to the family, “Let’s just try to herd her or urge her to get out of the door. We opened the door wide open and I mean what can be more inviting than an open door? Isn’t it wonderful? Am I not the nicest human? Well and open door is wonderful and inviting if You’re a human. If you're a little Finch bird and all you see are these giant things with hands to and fro you might get even more scared. Not being successful with waving my hands I decided to get a towel. Now that'll be good. Imagine me waving the towel around. Momma bird wasn't terribly impressed with the towel trick. I got a bed sheet and started holding it way up in the air to kind of corral her into certain spaces. Scared Momma bird managed to evade the Bed sheet, evade the towel get around everything. Several times you could see that she's got her mouth open, she's panting and she looks terrified. The little bird that I am trying to help looks absolutely terrified. Several times he would get so close to the door and land on a piece of furniture and then fly in another direction. Several times she got so so close to success and didn't know it was there. I desperately wanted to help. Now I cannot speak bird language and the bird presumably cannot speak people language so neither one of us had any idea how we could communicate with each Other. We didn't really didn't know what each other was doing. I only knew that the bird seemed in a panic state and I, with all my best efforts, could not communicate with this bird.

How does this relate to what I do for a living? I have talked to people a lot of times when they're in a panic state. When you get a phone call from your child at 3 in the morning it's not going to be a good phone call. You get to call it 3:00 in the morning and they say mom and dad I'm on the side of the road here on whatever street or Highway and there are blue lights behind me and the police officer says I have to put the phone down now. There is a problem.

You are panic-stricken. You are Thinking, my child is in jail and some big mean person is going to do bad things to them. You are thinking some policeman is going to say if you'll just confess to kidnapping the Lindbergh baby we will let you go home. Maybe you are thinking what are they going to find? You are thinking about all your friends at church seeing that your child was recently arrested or they are going to have this story in the Local newspaper. You imagine terrible things. You are panic-stricken! So you think, “Ok we'll go to court

Here you are in court. Now and we don't need a lawyer because everyone knows that Johnny didn't do anything wrong.” You go to court and what happens? Court is filled with people. Lawyers for example get to step on one side of a divider and regular people are not supposed to come beyond that divider until the judge calls them up. The judge is sitting in a special place with special clothes. Lawyers usually have on suit and tie like myself, kind of a special clothes. Lawyers speak in a different language. We refer to the plaintiff and the defendant. We take Notice. We Stipulate. We talk about evidences and hearsay objections and whether or not a

A search should be suppressed. All this sounds foreign. If you don't know what you're doing and how it's done it can be terrifying. All you're saying is I'm going to have to go to Jail.

Don't be terrified. Don't do this on your own. You are going to need some help. Come see me. Let us see if I can help you. We can talk about you case and see how I can help. If I cannot help you maybe I can just give you some information that you could use. Learn and to navigate this system. If you do not come see me PLEASE go see someone, some lawyer, some professional.


I learned from the little bird. Have a great day folks

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