Conditions of Release. Stay out of jail!

Hi ladies and gentlemen This is attorney Jef Goldtrap coming to you, again. I'm from Nashville but I'm not in Nashville today and I want to talk today in my blog about conditions of release. Now what's a condition of release? Well you're arrested for a crime, let's say you're arrested for a theft of property and a judge said well you were in the Wal-Mart and you walked out with a brand new tire under each arm; I'm just making this up. Well you've got the bond amount. We've talked in other blogs about bond and if you don't understand go back and look at my video library and find the blogs about bond. Clients have gotten bond and then you may have conditions of release. Conditions of release are like here's the things that you've got to do in addition to paying money to a bondsman to try to get out of jail. Well a condition of release is just as much an order of the court. Just like any other order. You have to follow it so for example a condition of release might be don't go in the Wal-Mart. Folks say you walked out with a with two tires. This is just an example. The first question is what conditions of release are. They are extra rules just think about them like that. Extra rules to bond to say you can't be doing certain things. A condition of release might be don't use drugs or don't use excessive alcohol. You may think, well this didn't have anything to do with the the facts of my case. No one will say I was stumbling drunk in the Wal-Mart walking out with the tires. This may be so But, a condition of release might be don't be using alcohol. You might say Jef what is that got to do with me? If you come to court and the judge says how about a drug screen, you might have little problem. Well judge I'm not accused of using drugs but a condition of release was doing use drugs. A condition of release might be, you know, stay away from a certain place or certain location. A condition of release might be doing have contact with certain people. There can be all kinds of conditions. Conditions of Release are very important. They are rules of Court and you can look at them like, “judge gave me a rule” or you could look at them like there's a tramp in the path that could get me hurt watch out. Be careful. Conditions of release. Know what they are. Know about them. Avoid problems. Have knowledge because knowledge is power. See you next time

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