Need a Lawyer - Afford a Lawyer

Hi ladies and gentlemen Jef Goldtrap of Goldtrap law. Today I'm going to offer you a free report, that's right you will pay NOTHING for it. I hope that you gain a lot from it. You may need a lawyer. Perhaps you need a lawyer, perhaps someone that you love and care for needs a lawyer. Maybe they've been charged with a crime and they are threatened with going to jail. You need to be able to hear the words not guilty. You need to be able to hear the words don't go to jail. You need that but to accomplish that you need the services of a good lawyer, a competent lawyer, but also, and most importantly, a lawyer that you can afford. Here is how to afford a lawyer. Number 1, have lots of cash in your pocket. Well Jef I don't have lots of cash in my Pocket, ok. Option two, have a credit or debit card that you can pay with. Well Jef I don't have a credit or debit card. Ok, ask about payment plans. around Nashville and around many other places you'll hear lawyers with payment plans and the payment plans will go like this, pay all of it now or maybe pay half of it now and in two weeks pay the other half. Many many people did not plan on getting arrested. They didn't have a lot of money lying around waiting to pay a lawyer. The money that they have may be used for a bondsman to get them out of jail. What will you do? There are reasonable real-life payment plans available. payment plans where you can pay a percentage of what you owe down and have reasonable workable affordable payments set out over a six-month, 12-month, 18 months, 24 month period of time. You can afford your own lawyer and not go broke. I hope I can help you. If I can let me Know. thanks a lot

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