Offers - I do not write them

Hi readers. Jef Goldtrap from Nashville Tennessee continuing in my blog about offers. The next lesson, in a series, about offers is this, I don't write the offer. In 21 years of practicing law I have heard many people say things about offers. You're bringing me the same offer as last time. That offer got worse. You not bringing me good offers. In all these years, I've never gotten a legal pad from a district attorney, who said, Jef, please write me an offer. How would you settle this case? They don't ask Jef to create an offer. An offer is written the district attorney's office. They have the power to make an offer to settle the case. You can accept it, reject it, or make a counteroffer.

Please do not get mad at me or your attorney because they're not bringing you good offers. What you don't see is that they are hard at work arguing your case They are in the face of the district attorney trying to get the best result for you. I cannot control someone else and I cannot control the state's attorney. The state's attorney will make you an offer and you will consider it. The lesson for today; I don't write the offer. Have a great day folks

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