The Mysterious 144 day kick out

Hi folks, this is attorney Jef Goldtrap in Nashville. Today we are going to talk about the mysterious 144 day kick-out. It’s there. It’s in the law. I've got the law books right here. I get a hundred and forty four day kick-out. I know. I know because Uncle Bill and Cousin Jim went to jail and they got a hundred forty-four they kick out. Everybody at the jail knows. Everybody in cell block six talks about it so it must be true. No it's not folks. There is no law called "144 day kick out." There is something called determinant release probation. Determinant release probation, what does that mean? When I determine something it might look like this. If I say the car is blue I have determined that the car is blue. Determinate release probation really works. If you have to serve a sentence of one to two years you will never meet the parole board. You will be released straight to determinate release probation. If the judge gives you one to two years to serve you will be released to probation as soon as you make determinate release. If you get a sentence of from twelve months to twenty four months you will be given determinate release. From other videos we know that if your sentence is 12 months or more you have a felony. Determinate release only applies if you have a felony. If you have a sentence of one to two years you will NOT meet the parole board. You wily go to probation for a two-year sentence in about 144 days. The problem is you cannot get out your calendar, put a check mark on day number 144, and say I'm out of here. Determinate release will happen but, not on a specific day. Release could take a little more. Could take a little less time. Don’t panic. Go on to jail. When you're in jail say yes sir no ma'am to the guards. Do not cause trouble. Do not fight. Do not try to escape. Be as good as you can and around a hundred and forty-four days, more or less, somebody will tap you on the shoulder and say you are out of here. You are on probation.

What is the hundred and forty four day kick-out? It’s a term that people use but it is not real. Determinate release probation is real. And at some point they're going to be set free on probation.

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