So, You Have an Order of Protection Against You

Hi folks attorney Jef Goldtrap here in Nashville with another video blog. Today we're going to talk about orders of protection. What’s an order of protection? An order of protection is a restraining order. The Order says a person cannot come around you, cannot contact you, and cannot have anything to do with you. This is a very, very, important piece of paper. Did someone take out an Order of Protection against you? If have an order of protection against you please remember the words NO CONTACT. NO CONTACT means you may not contact the other person. You may not have someone else contact that person for you. You may not contact that person through Facebook or any social media. NO CONTACT. But Jef, they contacted me and said we can talk. NO CONTACT. But, they sent message through their their mama, their grandmother, their auntie. NO CONTACT. Now if you think, I want to communicate with that person. Great! Do you want to talk to that person during a jail call? That is what's going to happen if you violate the order of protection. You can go to jail. An order of protection is civil like a car accident. Violating the order protection is criminal and can send you to jail. Please be careful!

Orders of protection. If you have an order of protection you need help. You need the help of someone that is knowledgeable about the court system. Knowledge is power.

Go out and make it a great day.

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