How to Pass a Drug Screen - Guarantee!

Hi Ladies and gentlemen. Jef Goldtrap coming to you from Nashville Tennessee, and the office of Jef Goldtrap. Today I'm going to give you a very special, super secret, message that only special lawyers in the courthouse know. I want you to listen closely. Write this down. Record it for posterity. Pencil it on your hand. Get a clay tablet if you need to. Do whatever you have to do because this is critical. I'm going to tell you the secret to passing a drug screen. Are you ready? Don’t smoke! Okay? It’s pretty easy. Don't smoke marijuana! Well Jef, everybody smokes marijuana. No, not everybody does. And you know what? Until it's legal it's illegal. Okay? Until it's legal it is illegal. Until they legalize marijuana stop smoking marijuana. When you come to court be ready for a drug screen. The way you're ready is to not smoke. When you come to child support court or child custody court be ready for a drug screen. The way you are ready for a drug screen is you don't smoke. So the lesson for today, until it's legal it's illegal. If you want to succeed in court be ready. Be willing, be able and be clean. Don’t smoke marijuana. Thanks so much folks.

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