A citation is not an arrest, right?

A citation is not an arrest, right?

This is Jef Goldtrap bringing you more information about thriving and surviving probation. Rule two of probation. Jef, I got a citation, so I wasn't arrested. Right?

Wrong! A citation is just as good as an arrest. I will report all arrests immediately to my probation officer. These are the words of rule 2. A citation is simply the justice system saying they are giving you the opportunity to not go to jail. With a citation you promise to come to the courthouse and book yourself.

With a citation a police officer is detaining you. The officer is detaining you and commanding that you report to a specific place at a specific time to be booked. After booking you will appear in court. In Nashville you will report to the first floor of the A.A. Birch Building for booking. In a lot of other counties you appear at the jail before going to court. When you go through the booking process fingerprints are taken, pictures are taken for mug shots and several administrative procedures.

If a police officer gives you a citation that's as good as an arrest. Report the citation immediately to your probation officer. Jef he might violate me! Well, he or she might but when that probation officer goes to the judge and tells the judge that you just got a citation would you rather the probation officers say that you got a citation and immediately? Does it sound better if the officer tells the judge that the Defendant got a citation and the officer had to find out through some third party? Okay? Report a citation to your probation officer.


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