Can I be positive for my first visit?

Is it OK to test positive the first time I see my probation officer

Is it okay to be dirty on your first probation visit?

There is another way to ask that question. Is it okay to test positive for drugs the first time I see my probation officer? First think about that question. Let us just think about the question. Is it OK to test positive? Stop right there! Why in the world would you think it is okay to test positive for drugs? The reason things are called illegal is because they are, ding-ding-ding, illegal. There is the first thought.

So you are saying, Jef, is it okay, would you approve, would you put your stamp of approval, on my being in an illegal condition, while I go see my probation officer? You are on probation for violating the law and you ask if it is OK to show up for your probation office visit while in a condition that indicates you continue to violate the law? No! No, it is not okay, absolutely not. Never go see your probation officer when you're high. Never go see your probation officer when you are going to test positive. If by chance you think you're going to test positive, talk to your lawyer before you go see your probation officer.

Here is the answer to our initial question, is it okay, no it's not. Now are you going to get violated if you show up the first time positive? You can. It is entirely possible that a probation officer can do a probation violation warrant after your first visit. Sometimes they might look at what you're going to test positive for, when were you in court, and how much time did you get on probation. Suppose you plead guilty today. And suppose you had a probation office visit tomorrow. You are asked to take a drug test. You now tell your officer, “I'm going to be positive for marijuana. In my experience many times the probation officer will say we are going to test you next month. Many times officers have tested the client on the very next visit and the levels need to be showing a decrease in drugs. The next time you are tested you really need to be clean. Do they have to do that? Do they HAVE to give you another chance? No, they don't have to.

The best answer to our original question is this, work to make sure that you're in compliance with your probation. Be in compliance with every condition of probation. In compliance in every way includes be able to PASS a drug screen. Is it okay to test positive the first time, NO. It is never okay to test positive work. Work hard at not testing positive. The way to not test positive is to NOT SMOKE. Do not put a needle in your arm. Stop doing whatever it is that you used to do. If need help ask your probation officer, ask your lawyer, ask a friend. Do whatever you have to do.

I'm Jef Goldtrap and I want you to be successful on probation. I want you to be successful in life. I want you to stop doing anything that is harmful to yourself or your legal case. Go out there and make it a great day

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