Can I keep my personal weed?

Can I keep my personal weed?

Hey guys Jef Goldtrap. We are going to talk about marijuana and the rules of probation. In our Tennessee Probation rules can I have weed just for me, just for my personal use? I'm not going to sell it. I'm not going to give it away. It’s just it's my weed. I want to smoke a little weed okay?

Can you? Sure. Do you want to go back to jail for a probation violation? No. If you DO NOT want to go to jail more than you want to get high you may NOT keep your personal weed. Okay? Having or using marijuana violates rule a rule eight of probation. Rule 8 says I will not drink to excess. I will not have a controlled substance. I would not have, possess, own, or use any controlled substance.

Well Jef, marijuana is legal in several states. A number of states, at this point, allow medical use of marijuana. In number of states you may recreationally use marijuana. That great and perhaps if you live in one of those states this might change the picture. In Tennessee marijuana is NOT legal.

If you have just enough marijuana for your own use you're violating rule eight. If you have enough marijuana for you while you’re at a party you're violating rule eight. It does not matter what the circumstances are. The answer is do not use marijuana at all. Well Jef I've smoked marijuana since I was 12 years old. Great, now is the time to stop smoking. It is not worth going to prison for a violation of probation rule eight.

Can you smoke weed on probation? No. Okay? The short answer is NO.

I'm Jef Goldtrap. I didn't give you the answer that you wanted to hear but I give you the answer that is the law. I want to keep you out of prison. Survive and thrive on probation by following rule eight.


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