Can I use legal drugs?

Can I use prescription drugs?

rule can I use prescription drugs while on probation yes you can prescription drugs by a valid prescription non-prescription drugs that were given to you by somebody else maybe under their valid prescription okay we've all had you know I think it's fairly common that people would use

prescription drugs that have been prescribed as in may be prescribed for a loved one there are there are many situations I won't go into that where somebody has said you know hey I've got a toothache just like you had last week have you got to give that medicine left over sure here's this you know painkiller that I had that I didn't take it'll help you maybe it did help you maybe that whatever kind of medicine that helped your friend your loved one but you don't need to take that if you have a valid prescription if a doctor has prescribed medication to you take it and here's the way it's gonna mess up number one you're gonna violate the rule rule eight by even taking this medication and I don't want you to violate that rule number two you're going to violate another rule in that later when you have a drug screen you're gonna test positive for this prescription drug and your probation officer is gonna say why are you positive for ecstasy show me your prescription well my girlfriend takes it and I was real nervous and she said it would help me great it helped you I hope you're not too nervous going to jail do not take medicine that's not prescribed to you that's rule eight and that's what I want you to do not because I mean because I don't want you to go to prison hey I'm Jef gold trap rule eight thriving survival and probation

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