Can my PO look at my phone?

Can my Probation Officer search my phone, car and pockets?

Helping you thrive and survive on probation. Probation rule six, can a probation officer search my phone, my car or my pockets? The answer is yes. You have given permission in rule six for a probation officer to search. But they need a search warrant, right? In Rule Six you have given your consent to search with or without a search warrant. The search can be of you, your person, your belongings, or your vehicle. So they can search. Why would a probation officer want to search? Often when a probation officer asks for a search there's a friendly sheriff’s deputy right behind them. The Deputy will be in on the search because they know that if you are on probation they do not need a search warrant. I have known times when the police might want to search someone based on a new investigation of a new crime. The police want to get into the home, get into the vehicle, get into the pocketbook or search the person who is also on probation. Police may suspect the probationer is conducting some sort of new criminal activity. Sometimes they will have the probation officer begin a search of the house, the probationer or probationer’s vehicle.

You have given permission in rule six. So what's the answer? The answer is do not carry anything on your person that you won't be proud to show your probation officer. Don’t have anything in your house that you won't be proud to tell your probation officer about. For goodness sake don't commit a new offense while on probation. Survive and thrive on probation and rule six.


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