Criminal Defense Attorney in Nashville Tennessee DUI Arrest Lesson 2: DUI FACTS YOU SHOULD KNOW

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

DUI Arrest Lesson 2 give you the DUI facts you should not miss including cutting down alcohol and drugs.

Driving under the influence (DIU) is the most committed offense that has made a lot of people end up in jail. Likely, most of them have a drinking problem. Others are conscientious drivers who found their lives in a dizzying tailspin after a DUI arrest.

All these people get serious consequences simply because they were not aware of what to do after their DIU arrest. Immediately slow your use of alcohol. Consumption of alcohol is legal but why risk by overdrinking?

If you were arrested for drunk drinking, probably you have a drinking problem. Please slow down your consumption of alcohol until further notice. Drinking responsibly will be a good strategy to avoid jail time plus will improve your health.

DIU convictions not only have major ramifications but can linger for years. Your driver license is suspended, you face jail time, and there are fees and fines to be paid, and court-mandated community services.

Long term consequences cause the greatest pain. The DUI conviction can haunt your life.

DUI Arrest Long term Consequences

Driver license revoked

Your driver’s license can be revoked after A DUI conviction. If your work requires you to drive, this can be stressful. Without your driver’s license, you will lose your freedom to drive your car plus running simple errands.

Background Checks

It is likely a criminal record will be conducted when applying for a job. A misdemeanor DUI conviction can prevent you to secure your dream job so why risk it? Not only a job application, but DUI conviction can also affect your scholarship and housing application.

Auto insurance Rates

As I stated earlier, most DIU offenders have a drinking problem. Your auto insurance rates can be increased because DIU convictions are considered “high risks”.

Strategies to significantly reduce Drunk Driving

It is worth noting that legal action alone cannot solve a drinking problem. Strategies such as limiting yourself to overdrinking, educational campaigns and changing the environment will play a significant role in preventing drunk driving.

Educational Campaigns

Hospitals, schools, TV have the potential of reaching many people. They can be used to teach people the effects of drunken driving and how to do a self-administered sobriety test. Also, people can be advised to have alternative means of dropping them home if drunk.

Changing the environment

It would be great if a car was designed with a device that would detect an intoxicated driver. It would then flash its light to avert such a danger.

Wrapping up

Drunkenness impairs driving ability and that’s why arrests are made to prevent traffic accidents. If convicted of a DUI offense, immediately reduce consumption of alcohol. Stay sober until your DUI case is finished and you will avoid jail time.

Legal representation is also very important. This is because a lawyer is familiar with matters of driving under the influence of alcohol and would give relevant information.

Drunk driving can be prevented. You can make smarter decisions of checking your alcohol level at all times. Society can help by emphasizing the dangers of driving while drunk.

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