Criminal Defense Attorney in Nashville Tennessee DUI Arrest Lesson 3: DUI BLOOD TEST

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

DUI Arrest Lesson 3 talks about what happens during DUI Blood Test

It’s troublesome and excruciating when you land in jail due to DUI arrest (alcohol or drug). This article will help guide you on what you are supposed to do. A lot of guys don’t understand what a DUI blood test (drug and alcohol) is.

This assessment is an investigation of your drug or alcohol use carried out by the court or by your choice. This alcohol and drug assessment is divided into two categories, the screening and evaluation.

DUI Blood Test Screening

DUI Blood Test for Alcohol and Drugs
DUI Blood Test for Alcohol and Drugs

The screening is done by asking the offender some questions. The investigators ask fundamental information about alcohol or drug use. The questions assist the evaluators to have a better idea of you regarding alcohol and drug use or dependence.

Numerous kinds of questions can be asked to predict an excellent outcome. In some instances, the questions may not sound relevant to the individual, but they assist the counselor to recognize if the person is facing other psychological difficulties such as stress, anxiety, or depression.

This process of screening involves a self-assessment examination. This permits the person to answer some of the questions honestly. Testing is the first stage in alcohol and drug assessment. The counselor now moves to the next step.

DUI Blood Test Evaluation

Driving Under Influence Blood Test Evaluation
Driving Under Influence Blood Test Evaluation

The evaluation is done as part of the overall assessment. The assessment aims to look for reliable evidence to back up the absence or the presence of drug or alcohol use in a person.

If the counselor has concerns about mental health they can gives options to help with this. The medical experts ask what happened to make you use drugs or alcohol. Such questions help to know if the individual has any psychological disorders. After the assessor is through with the questions, she or he continues with a written document that analyzes the outcomes of the individual’s substance abuse.

The drug and alcohol assessment does not only assist the courts in determining your case, but it also helps significantly in evaluating yourself. If you are being assessed for treatment, you may go through several assessors.

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