Criminal Defense Attorney Hacks - Do not answer questions from a police officer

What are you talking about Jef?

I'm talking about this, do not answer questions from a police officer! How do I

deal with a police officer that pulls me over?

You stop the car in a safe place. roll down the window. how much to roll down the window that is a different question. roll down the window. if the police officer may say license and registration please. you need to provide license and registration.

That is required after that listen for the questions and the questions will start coming. remember you have NO obligation to answer any questions. where are you coming from tonight Mr. Goldtrap?

- officer I have provided you with my name and registration number. Respectfully, that is all the questions I am going to answer. how much have you had to drink tonight? Response; that is all the questions I am going answer.

You don't even have to say I'm not going to answer your questions. you could say I would like to have an attorney here for further questioning. you can just politely say, no thank, I'm not going to answer questions. well Jef, if I do that they might arrest me. Yeah, they might, but if a police officer would like to arrest you there are many many reasons that could be happening there at the scene that are reasons to arrest you.

Facts can be “remembered” by the time we get to court. oh yes I remember I smelled alcohol or, I smelled marijuana. Remember, you don't have an obligation to Answer ANY questions from the police officer.

This is lesson number one.

There are two reasons I want you to remember to not answer questions until

you see this video. number one, when you have an interaction with a police officer remember you don't have to answer any questions. number two never go down to the police station to talk to the police officer or detectives! you ask why would I ever say that?

I have practiced law for 20-plus years mostly here in Nashville and all over middle Tennessee. hundreds of times an officer or detective has called my client and said, now we just want to know about this or that. We are not saying you are in trouble. we just want you to come down to the police station and let's talk about this. They may say we are going to come out to your office and your house and talk. we just want to talk to you.

There is a technique I have used before. say this, “I'll be happy to come down to the police station. let me talk to my attorney and find out when is a good time for us to meet.”

In my experience that means that the police officer or detective is no longer going to want to talk to you. He or she does not want to talk to you with your lawyer. Officers or Detectives want to talk to you by yourself.

Another tip:

Let me promise you that you will not be able to explain your way out of this. yeah I took some money from my employer but let me tell, the cat had to have surgery or baby needed a new pair of shoes or any excuse. there is not going to be any explanation. I've never sold drugs except that one time and it let me explain it. no! oh she asking for it. she was being mean to me and you know I had to hit her.

No, no, no, you will not be able to explain this to a police officer or a detective who says just come on down to the my office. well Jef, you know we know all about it, we just need to have your side of the story. let me tell you folks, do you know when you get in your side of the story? when you have a trial. when you have your attorney and they navigate through all the ways to say and or the ways to not say something. Okay?

Listen and watch the video before you go talk to a police officer.

I'm Jef Goldtrap Criminal Defense Attorney in Nashville. I want to help you in your criminal law matter and there are several ways to reach me you'll find them at the end of this video if I can help you I will just reach out and I'll be happy to do what I can for you but, I want you to never talk to a police officer until you watch this video.

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