Criminal Defense Attorney in Nashville Tennessee DUI Arrest Lesson 1: GET DUI ATTORNEY

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

The value of an DUI attorney cannot be understated. Many pass up the opportunity to call in a DUI lawyer thinking it’s all but a simple case. They only realize the need for one when they appear before a judge. In most cases, the judge will not have a problem having you as a state visitor if you do not have legal counsel. You need not to spend time in jail when a lawyer is all you need.

Why Hiring a DUI Lawyer is not an Option

The probability of your DUI charge getting dismissed is pegged on your recollection of the events and facts leading to the DUI arrest and the formation of a defense strategy based on the information. Details about the events that transpired during and after your arrest are pivotal in the formulation of a defense strategy. They should include;

  • What the officer communicated before, during, and after the sobriety test.

  • The sobriety tests administered if any, and

  • Any other recollection you may have of the events that led up to your arrest.

All these details need to be communicated to DUI attorney. Only then can they develop a strategy to fight off the DUI charges. The longer you take in hiring a lawyer in Nashville Tennessee and communicating these details to them, the higher the risk of you leaving out information that may be key to the success of your defense.

DUI court proceedings have different sessions. The second session, the Morning Trial Docket, is often the problematic stage for many who do not have representation. In these sessions, the judge is always particular in knowing who your legal representation is (must be a Criminal Defense Attorney in Nashville Tennessee. Such trial hearings become “an oops” moment for many. It is then that they realize the value of an attorney in the matter.

It may seem like a simple matter, but the lack of legal representation may land you in jail. The judge often construes the lack of a lawyer as lack of responsibility on your part as it was apparent that you were well aware of the pending case. Hiring legal representation should, therefore, be a natural response in such situations.

Benefits that DUI Attorney Brings to Your Case

DUI attorneys are familiar with the legal system, especially with the DUI charges. The legal system was set up to be flawless but it is prone to mishandling, and these are the aspects attorneys step in to address. The flaws in the system could be as a result of;

  • Overreach by the police. They may have administered a sobriety test with no cause, tampered with the results, or in other instances, used unconventional means.

  • In other instances, the improper handling of your case by the police may have led to the DUI charges levied against you.

  • You may also fall victim to legal technicalities and may end up paying a fine or serving jail time.

All the matters above and more can easily be addressed in a legal defense strategy. Such expertise is the promise to you by a DUI attorney’s or Nashville criminal defense attorney when they take up your DUI case. Be sure to hire the right team as soon as possible.

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