Do you think you know something about criminal law? You may have talked to other people. They mean well but they shared myths about criminal law. Do not feel bad. You are not alone. I have practiced law for more than twenty (20) years. I have seen a lot and experienced a lot of criminal cases. Many people believe the myths of criminal defense.

There are some myths in criminal cases. People may believe them but they are still myths. You know about myths? There are “unicorns”, the “Easter bunny”, and “an honest politician,” LOL

I am going to talk to you about ten (10) myths of criminal cases. Criminal myth lesson 1: “This is simple, I can handle it myself!

Really? Let me ask you what’s the definition of “irrelevant”, or, “hearsay?” What is rule 32 of Tennessee Criminal Procedure?. What does rule 4.01 of Criminal Procedure tell us?” Let’s answer this one by one. Sometimes. even if you are ready, being so close to your case will make it very difficult to represent yourself in court.

What is the definition of “Irrelevant?“

Irrelevant is not important, pertinent, or germane to the matter at hand or to an issue before the court. This is a common objection. If you do not know what irrelevant is how will you know when it is comes up? Is this simple? Can you represent yourself? I can handle it myself? No! The police arrested you. A district attorney will be making accusations against you. They will say you did something. How will you handle this pressure? How will you handle the pressure AND listen for irrelevant questions or responses? It will be tough. You will need help. Get a lawyer.

What is the definition of “hearsay?”

Hearsay is an out of court statement, offered in court, to prove the truth of the matter asserted. Easy enough right? Is everything said out of court hearsay? No. Are there exceptions to hearsay? Yes.p Do you know the cases that established the hearsay exceptions? Do you know how to spot a hearsay exception? Can you do all this while terrified of going to jail for a long long time? Not likely! You can do this on your own but why? Why risk your freedom? Get legal help for this legal problem.

Some hearsay could be embarrassing to you. Court is scary. There will be stress during the hearing. Can you handle the stress? Can your loved ones handle the stress? All this time a prosecutor and police officer are trying to put you in jail. While this goes through your head recite the rule of hearsay and the exceptions. Easy right? Without an experienced criminal defense attorney, you cannot handle all the stress. You cannot think, plan, strategise and imagine the jail doors closing at the same time. Get help.

What is rule 32 of Criminal Procedure?

Do you have a working knowledge of Rule 32? Where would you find Rule 32? What cases have interpreted Rule 32? Any clue? I do not know of many people that sit around talking about Rule 32. It could have a BIG impact on you. Tennessee Criminal Procedure, Rule 32(b): talks about bond on bond. A police man or woman arrested you. You are facing a felony. You make bond. While you are out on bond you get arrested again. For a new felony. Rule 32(b) applies that if you plead guilty to a felony and plead guilty to another felony. Rule 32(b) says that you have to serve the two sentences BACK TO BACK. You serve one sentence THEN you serve the next sentence. Wow! Is that important? Yes! Have you studied Rule 32? How about rules 1 to 60? Every rule will impact your case, your life, your freedom and your family. Do you need help? Yes! Get help now.

Myth: This is simple. I can handle it myself. Wrong!

You will represent yourself You will worry about your family. You will be afraid. What will happen to your house? What about your job? If you do not work who will take care of your children? There is a lot going on in your mind. You cannot do everything on your own. You need a lawyer!

A Criminal Defense Attorney with over 20 years of experience is ready to help you. Stay out of jail. You want to hear NOT GUILTY. I am ready to help you. Jefre S. Goldtrap, Goldtrap Law, 3807 Dickerson Pike, Suite J, Nashville, TN 37207.

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