Do I have to be Driving to get a DUI?

Think of the situation–at the late night party you consume alcohol. Once the party is over, you started driving your vehicle to return home. Your blood contains enough alcohol when you touch the steering wheel. You may feel flushed, impairing your brain's judgment and suffering from non-acceptable muscle coordination. Imagine, what's going to happen next? You may be hitting someone on the road or hitting something that damages a life or property or even you.

That’s why DUI – Driving Under Influence is not permitted in every state of the USA and other countries.

Before going to the topics – “Do I have to be Driving to get a DUI?” we want to clarify a few terminologies.

Meaning: DUI vs. DWI

Driving a motorized vehicle under the Influence of Alcohol may term in different ways. It may vary state to state and depends on circumstances. The most common terms are –

· Driving Under Influence (DUI)

· Driving While Impaired/Driving While Intoxicated (DWI)

· Drunk Driving, Operating While Intoxicated (OWI)

· Operating (a) Vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol (OVI) in the state of Ohio

· Drink-driving (in the United Kingdom) or

· Impaired Driving (in Canada) – one thing many names.

DUI and DWI stand for the same meaning. Regardless of meaning it is a severe offense or crime. So, please do not take it casually.

What DUI means?

Anyone who is driving a motorized vehicle while intoxicated can get a DUI - type offense. It does not only involve actual car driving but also mostly consists of being physically in control of a car while being intoxicated even if the person charged is not driving.

For example, if you be seated on the driver's position with keys and you are intoxicated, you will be charged for DUI-offense. You found in that position means you are in controls the vehicle. Even it is no matter the car is in park condition or running.

So, there is no chance of misconception. To know more, you can see the YouTube video of Mr. Jeff Gold Trap of Nashville. You can also contact him to get any legal advice too (

What is BAC?

BAC stands for Blood Alcohol Concentration. It is the measurement of the level of intoxication. Also known as the breath test measurement. Usually. Police check BAC of drunk driver’s during driving. The threshold level of BAC is 0.08 percent. Found 0.08 percent means it is a criminal offense. Moreover, no need any impairment.

What is the risk tickled with DUI?

A traffic accident is the most significant risk caused by DUI. According to the NHTSA, the annual loss is approximately 37 billion dollar which causes due to alcohol-related crashes. One person dies in every 30 minutes because of drunk driving. So, you can understand what a serious matter it is.

However, we are not here to give you legal advice. We want to provide an overview of what things are going to happen if you charge with DUI. For any legal support, it is wise to consult with your attorney or contact with Mr. Jeff Gold Trap.

Try to be a safe and sober driver. Otherwise, it's going to cost a lot. If you're arrested in any state in the U.S. for drunk driving, several things are going to happen in your life. Like suspended license, fines, jail or probation, and so on. Let's check the following to learn more –

1. If you caught in a suspicious condition, the first thing would happen that arrested by police. Then send you to jail and take a photograph for future record.

2. The next thing you're expected to do is to contact an attorney for bail. The cost wheel starts from there. Moreover, all this DUI-related arrangement is costly.

3. Once you convicted by any DUI-offense, be prepared to impose restrictions on your driving privilege. If you refuse to take BAC taste, you anticipated suspending your license automatically. The length of suspension vary from three to twelve months depends on the law of the state.

4. Once you listed for DUI-offense in the record book, from next, you have to pay substantially higher premiums for your car insurance.

5. Sometimes for rectification, a convicted individual has to pass a probation period and continuous observation. They also have to spend much money at that time.

6. If you convicted as a first-rate offender, you have to go through a program on alcohol education. The authority or court will check your attendance during this program. Again it cost your money.

7. You may need to complete an evaluation of formal alcohol or substance use disorder.

8. Expect more fines will be charged by the court upon a conviction. You may also lose all your bank bonds sometime to pay fines.

If someone repeatedly offends the DUI-types, they must be sentenced to imprisonment for more extended periods as the state treated it as a severe offense. The record sometimes lasts 5 to 7 years. Moreover, whenever you placed your license for renewal, they check it. Also, you have to submit this report while you are applying for a job or somewhere else.

Final Comments

The effects and records associated with DUI or related offenses are last for long over the years. The only safe way to avoid getting a DUI is not to drive after drinking alcohol. A DUI or a related crime is expensive, inconvenient and embarrassing.

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