DUI Arrest Lesson 5 - Settlement Date

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

About 1.1% of who drank too much in Tennessee drive, resulting in DUI arrest. DUI Tennessee Law shows no mercy if you are found guilty and you will be a criminal. The court can sentence you huge fines and driving rights suspension or revocation. You can be also sent to an alcohol treatment program and the worst, serve jail time.

As a DUI attorney, I’ll give you the easiest thing you should do to get a favorable result in your case. Continue reading and find out what to do before your first court settlement.

What is Court Settlement after DUI arrest?

After your arrest, the police will process you at the police station. Tennessee DUI Law mandates a minimum of 48 hours of jail time for first time DUI offenders. But if your BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) is 0.2 or higher, you’ll be imprisoned for 7 days. After you bail and served jail time, you’ll be out but have to go back to court to settle your case.

Depending on how serious your case is, a DUI case can last two to six months. You can expect your first court settlement hearing four to six weeks after the request. So you still have plenty of time to prepare. You and your DUI lawyer or criminal defense lawyer should get everything ready so you’ll stay out of jail.

What to do before going to Court Settlement?

1. Take note of date and time and don’t dare forget your first court appearance.

Don’t get careless and enjoy too much of your temporary freedom. DUI arrest is a serious criminal offense with serious penalties. The moment you receive your schedule, make sure to put it in your reminder. You should put not the actual date but weeks before that. This way you can talk to your lawyer and prepare for your case. Put the time and date on your calendar, bulletin board, on your phone or anywhere that will remind you every day of your schedule.

2. Know on what court you’re going, its location, and your courtroom number.

Small details like this can make or break you. Knowing where you are going can lessen the hassle of appearing in court. You don’t want to be late because you got lost on your way to the courthouse. Knowing where you are going gives you confidence. If you have any questions regarding your schedule, you can simply call the court’s clerk for information.

3. Arrive at least 30 minutes before your court settlement time.

Most of the time settlement starts at 9 in the morning. You should be there at 8:30 or earlier. Why? Because you’re not the only one who has scheduled for that day. You need that extra time to find parking space, navigate through the courtroom, practice, and talk to your DUI attorney or criminal defense attorney. Plus, you don’t want to piss off the judge by wasting his or her time. You and lawyer should be there when the judge calls your name.

4. Talk and finalize your plea with your lawyer.

The conviction rate for DUI arrest is pretty high because people would easily plead guilty. You should make that decision before entering the court. The judge would most likely ask you two questions if you have a lawyer to strategize a defense for you. Do you want to plead guilty or not? Your criminal defense lawyer should know the right option for you and you should listen to him/her. Not knowing what to say will not make you stay out of jail.

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