DUI Arrest Lesson 8 - Ignition Interlock Device

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

Criminal Defense Lawyer Advice Install Ignition Interlock Device after DUI Arrest

DUI Arrest Lesson 8- What is Interlock Device for DUI?

Hi. Here’s DUI attorney Jefre S. Goldtrap again for another DUI Arrest Lesson. In the past blog, we talked about how to talk to judge in court. Now, I will share to you another tip to win court and stay out of jail. Let’s talk about interlock device installation in your car. Read more to know why this tool can help you gain favor from the judge.

What is interlock device for DUI?

Ignition interlock device (IID) is also called a breath alcohol ignition interlock device. It has the same function with breathalyzer. The device is mounted near the driver’s seat and is connected with the car’s ignition system. You have to blow its mouthpiece and it will read your Breath Alcohol Content (BrAC) level. If it’s higher than the set normal level, your car will not start. Hence, you’ll not be able to commit drunk driving. You and other people on the road will be safe.

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Interlock device is commonly given as alternative punishment for those who had DUI arrest and convicted. In USA, all states have imposed laws installing IID as of 2012. For Tennessee ignition interlock law, a first time DUI offender may not be required to install IID. But for second, third and fourth time offender, interlock device is ordered. Through the device, you’ll be able to perform day to day tasks like driving to work or school.

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How does ignition interlock device work?

There are three ways on how this DUI tool works. First, it will take the initial test. Once you get in your car, you’ll blow the device. If there’s no alcohol, your engine will start. But if there’s even a trace, you have to sit for a while and wait before taking a test again. Now if you get impatient and would keep on testing, your interlock device lockout will become longer and longer.

Next is the rolling re-test. The test happens randomly while you are driving. It is done to make sure you did not drink alcohol after passing the initial test. The IID will beep and will tell you to take breath test again. Now, don’t worry because you will not stop in the middle of the road. Your car would automatically blow its horn and flash its lights until you re-test.

Finally, the DUI interlock device will save your breath sample data. This data is sent to proper authorities like the court or to whoever ordered the ignition interlock device installation.

Why should I voluntarily get IID after DUI arrest?

If I am your DUI attorney, I would give you this as legal advice. Why? Because it will definitely gain you favor from the court. If it’s your first DUI arrest, you may get away with or you may not. It may not be inevitable but at least you can still drive.

Installing interlock device voluntarily gives a clear message to the judge. It will tell that yes, you made your mistake and here you are, wanting to correct them. It also shows that you intend to harm yourself and other people by driving drunk again. It conveys you are taking this DUI matter seriously and took the initiative to somehow “punish” yourself.

This tool may cost you money but may lessen your DUI arrest penalties. Your jail time can be lessened as well as fines ranging from $350 to $15,000. You can be saved from license and driving rights revocation and attending alcohol and drug treatment program.

What is interlock device near me?

When you voluntarily get the tool, you can’t buy it from any store. There are accredited centers that are authorized to install IIDs. Here are approved manufacturers of interlock device Tennessee and their contact numbers. You can check Tennessee’s Department of Safety and Homeland Security website to find exact locations near you.

  • Alcohol Detection Systems (ADS)- 888.786.7384

  • Draeger- 800.332.6858

  • Guardian Interlock- 800.499.0994

  • Intoxalock- 844.328.7443

  • LifeSafer- 800.634.3077

  • Low Cost Interlock- 877-285-4979

  • Simple Interlock- 866.698.7113

  • Smart Start- 800.831.3299

Feel free to contact me here for more questions about interlock device installation after DUI arrest.

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