DUI Arrest Lesson 6: What and What Not to Wear to Court

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

DUI Arrest What to wear to court and what not to wear to court


Dress to Success from DUI Arrest

First impression lasts. What you wear in your first court appearance after DUI arrest can affect the judgment you’ll receive. As a criminal defense attorney, I want to share to you what you should and should not wear to court after DUI arrest. So list them down and check your wardrobe for this will make you stay out of jail.

What to Wear to Court for Men

You’ll not be asked to be a fashion icon or wear branded clothes. The only thing that matters is to dress conservatively.

1. Neutral Color Shirt- Color includes black, gray, navy, brown, khaki, and white. And it should be clean, well-fitted, and ironed. Choose fabric that is smooth and allows air so you would not sweat in case you get nervous. Sweat can make you look afraid and anxious, therefore guilty.

2. Neutral Color Suit Jacket or Sports Coat- Sports coat and Nike jacket are different. The suit adds to the formality of your outfit and also prevents you from getting cold (and shaking).

3. Slacks- Don’t wear jeans or worse, ripped jeans. Choose black, navy, grey, or khaki slacks.

4. Appropriate Shoes- You can wear Oxfords, Loafers, or Chelsea and pair with right color of socks.

Socks- Go tonal and match the color of your socks to the color of your pants.

What to Wear to Court for Women

Ladies dressed like you're trying to impress someone. If you dressed well for the party you attended before your DUI arrest, then double your effort for your court settlement.

1. Dress- Choose a dress that you would wear on a Sunday and not too loud in color. And definitely not too short.

2. Conservative pants suit

3.Conservative top and long slacks- make sure they are not revealing and too tight.

What NOT to Wear to Court

Keep our goal in mind: “I want to look like somebody who's not going to jail.” Avoid wearing these accessories and apparels:

1. Hat-No matter how expensive your hat is or you wear a hat all the time, you should remove it once you’re in court. It’s a sign of respect to the judge.

2. Beach outfit- Hawaiian shirts are cute but they are not in court. Do not wear t-shirt and sandals to court.

3. Sleeveless or muscle shirt- Don’t look like you’re going to the gym even if you have six packs.

4 . Sundress or strapless dress

5. Crop tops- No one needs to see your bellybutton!

6. Everyday clothes- meaning what you wear when you go to Walmart or in your backyard.

7. Athletic wear

8. Too big or too tight clothes

9. Clothes that show your underwear

10. Inappropriate footwear- sandals, open-toes shoes, high-heel spikes, sports shoes, etc.

11. Sunglasses except if medically prescribed

12. Excessive jewelry- bling-bling, thick bracelet, and other accessories which are bulky, loud, and noisy when you move.

What you wear to court after your DUI arrest is only half of how you need to look. You should be mindful of your hygiene also. Make sure you look tidy. Take a bath and brushed your teeth and don’t smell like pot or cigarette. You should also cover your piercings and tattoos. The reason behind this is we want to show to the judge that you are responsible enough to take care of yourself; that you value your life and you want to stay out of jail.

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