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Personal injury is one of the worst experiences one could ever have. Injuries can turn your life around 180 degrees. Aside from physical pain, it also affects the emotional and mental health. It can cost you your job, properties, friends, and family. So when it comes to personal injury, Goldtrap Law personal injury law firm in Nashville, TN go extra mile to help victims of personal injury.

Personal Injury Law Overview

In general, personal injury law involves civil cases which are about legal solutions and defenses for injured victims due to wrongful conduct. Also, when someone failed to exercise reasonable care, personal injuries occur. There is no single definition of reasonable care in personal injury law. This means the court’s decision depends on how the defendant’s negligence or reckless action caused the victim’s injuries. Factors affecting personal injury cases are pre-existing conditions, risk assumptions, and superseding causes.

Is personal injury civil or criminal?

Personal injury cases basically falls under civil law. It is also called tort law in which tort means wrong or harm. And Goldtrap Law personal injury law firm in Nashville, TN will help you get the compensation from the person who gave you that harm.

Unlike criminal law cases, the government does not prosecute the defendant in personal injury case. A personal injury court proceeding begins with the injured plaintiff filing a complaint or formal lawsuit against the defendant. The defendant can be another person, company, business, or even government agencies. The plaintiff must detail how the plaintiff caused him the harm, accident or injury.

Personal injury disputes can also be resolved through informal settlements. Don’t think that because this may not go through trial or hearing that you will not need a personal injury lawyer. Because definitely do. In here, parties involved in the personal injury will meet together with their insurers and personal injury attorneys. Parties will negotiate with the hope of coming up with an agreement to settle the dispute through compensating the person injured.

5 Common Types of Personal Injury Cases

  • Car and Motor Vehicle Accidents - It is the most common cause of death and injury in United States. According to Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security, there 1,050 Traffic Fatalities in Tennessee. Main causes of these accidents are driver’s negligence and wrongful conduct in the road like DUI, speeding, and violating traffic rules. If you are a victim of car accident, Goldtrap Law personal injury law firm in Nashville, TN will help you get that rightful compensation.

  • Medical Malpractice - If you have been watching Grey’s Anatomy or ER, I am sure you are all familiar with doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals making mistakes like forgetting the scissors inside the patient’s abdomen or misdiagnosis. Medical malpractice happens when health care providers fail to give the right medical services due to negligence, lack of skill, and incompetence. As a result, a patient gets injured.

  • Wrongful Death - If someone dies because of other person’s carelessness, wrongful death occurs. Examples of causes are car crash, airplane crash, construction accidents, and using substandard products. Settlement for wrongful death cases is different than non-fatal personal injuries.

  • Dog Bites - One popular case is when Dr. Phil’s best friend filed a lawsuit against him because Dr. Phil’s dog bit him. You can hold the dog owner responsible for the money you spent because of the dog bite injury.

  • Premises liability (slip-and-fall) - If you got injured because of a hazard grocery’s sidewalk or your neighbor’s property, then you need to call a personal injury lawyer and file injury lawsuit. The property or premises owner or the employee who caused the injury can be held liable.

Why do I need to call Goldtrap Law personal injury law firm in Nashville, TN now?

Did you or someone you know who get personal injury? Then you need to act now! Why? Because of what we call Statute of Limitations. The statute of limitations mean a plaintiff can only file personal injury case against defendant within a limited time only from the time injury occurred. Tennessee has its own statute of limitations for personal injury which can be from one year to six years depending on the case.

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