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Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Hi ladies and gentlemen. Jef Goldtrap of Goldtrap Law. Today, I'm going to offer you a free ebook. That's right you'll pay NOTHING for it. I hope that you gain a lot from it.

You need a lawyer. Someone you love needs a lawyer. They got arrested. They are facing criminal charges. They could go to jail. You need to be able to hear the words not guilty. You need to be able to hear the words Not going to jail. To get there you need a good lawyer. You also have to have a lawyer that you can afford. Here is how to afford a lawyer.

1. First choice: have lots of cash in your pocket. "Well Jef I don't have lots of cash in my pocket."

2. Next choice, have a credit or debit card to pay with. "Well Jef, I don't have that."

3. Ask about payment plans.

In Nashville, and many surrounding counties, lawyers talk about payment plans. Payment plans go like this; pay half now and half in 2 weeks. How many folks planned on getting arrested? NONE. How many folks saved money in a cookie jar waiting for the day you get arrested? NONE. Most folks do not have a bunch of money laying around waiting for a lawyer to give it to. Many good folks have already used their cash for a bondsman. They had to get out of jail. If they did not they could lose their job, apartment, children. You could lose everything. How would you like real life payments plans. Plans that fit your budget. Plans where you can pay a percentage down and have workable, affordable payments. Plans for 6 months, 12 months, 18 months 24 months.

Let's say Johnny gets arrested for DUI. He has a court date in Springfield. He made bond. His lawyer will charge $2500. to represent him. Johnny has a good job and a checking account but cannot pay $2500.00 right now. If he pays that money he will not have money for the rent. He will not keep his electricity on. He will lose his car and not be able to go to work. He will get behind in child support and go to jail for that too. What will he do?

Let's pretend Johnny can pay $500 down. I could help him by making his first payment a month from now. After getting out of jail Johnny will need to play money catch up. What will his payments be?

If Johnny can pay this off in

6 months he pays about $350.00

12 months he pays about $170.00

18 months he pays about $120.00

24 months he pays about $85.00

Could you pay this? I bet you can. Would that help? Sure would.

You can afford your own lawyer and not go broke.

I hope I can help you if I can let me now thanks a lot.


Criminal defense attorney in Nashville, Tennessee.

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