How do I talk to a Judge

Since you were a little person you knew how to talk. We talk to our family. We talk to our friends. We talk to folks at the store. I am writing to people who will appear in front of a judge. How will you talk to the judge? How should you talk to the judge? How do I talk to a judge? How do you talk to a judge? Well, there's a great question that somebody asked me just the other day. How do I talk to a judge? Let's think about it. With so much information available today on the Internet we can feel very comfortable with the court. Judges are public servants. Much information about the judge will be available online. You can find out the name of the judge, where they went to school and, sometimes, detailed information. But still, how will you talk to the judge. Let us pretend. I was arrested. I am told that tomorrow I must go to Room A in the Blank county courthouse. I look up the court and find out it is Judge Jeff Goldtrap. At the correct hour I walk into the courtroom. I wait while the judge or clerk calls on the names on the list. When my name is called I stand up and say, “Jeff, how are you? I got charged and its all a shame and you need to dismiss it now. Thanks” That sounds good for you to say. Keep saying that so you can remember the words you used. You will be able to tell everyone about your court experience. You will tell all your new friends at the jail because that is where you will end up. NEVER, NEVER refer to the judge by the name of the judge. A judge is NEVER Jeff, Bill, Jim, Mary or Sue. How do you talk to a judge? Remember your manners. Be on your BEST manners. The best way to talk to a judge is to begin with “Your Honor.” Mr. X. “Yes Your Honor,” or “here Your Honor.” You will not have to worry about anything else if you will begin everything you say with “your Honor.” Jeff court is nerve wracking. I am scared. It is terrifying. What if I cannot remember Your Honor? If you cannot remember the phrase “your Honor” then fall back to what your Mom or Dad taught you as a child, Sir or Ma’am. In more than twenty years of practicing law it still amazes me the number of people who stand before a judge with no idea of how to talk to a judge. I am shocked and amazed at the number of people who say Ya, Na when talking to a judge. I was in court once with the Defendant kept referring to the judge as Bruh. Needless to say the judge was able to pronounce that defendant’s name correctly when he said “ten days.” How do I talk to a Judge? Great question. Yes or No your Honor. Yes Sir, Yes Ma’am or No Sir, No Ma’am. This is the way to talk to a judge. I hope this helps. If I can help you reach out. I look forward to hearing from you.

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