Can’t Afford an Attorney Or Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

How to afford an attorney or Criminal Defense Lawyer in Nashville

What happens if you can’t afford an attorney? Do lawyers do payment plans?

No one in the world would ever save money to spend for the day he would be arrested. You would normally save for a house, car, insurance, education, but definitely not on getting out of jail. So when the time comes you get arrested for whatever reason, you will need an attorney or criminal defense lawyer. But since it’s not part of your plan, you don’t have a budget for it. As your Criminal Defense Lawyer in Nashville, I will give you tips on how to afford an attorney. Legal Fees You’ll Pay to Criminal Defense Lawyer.

To give you an idea of how much money you’ll need when you hire a criminal defense attorney in Nashville, TN:

  • Consultation Fee- Ask your attorney first if he will charge you consultation fee on your first meeting. This is your chance to decide whether you’ll get his service or not and vice versa. It can a fixed rate or a per hour fee.

  • Flat Fee- It is a fix or linear fee for your lawyer’s service. It means whether you meet every day or just once a week, payment is the same.

  • Hourly Rate- Most criminal defense attorneys apply for an hourly payment. However, the rate varies depending on the type of case.

  • Retainer Fee- It is basically your down payment to your lawyer. It is often computed as lawyer’s hourly rate multiplied by the number of hours he assumed to work for you.

What is the normal fee for a lawyer?

How to afford an attorney or Nashville criminal defense lawyer
How to afford an attorney or criminal defense lawyer

The national rate for criminal defense attorneys can range from $3500 and $4500. But there are several factors that can affect this rate. The more complex the case, like a felony, the more time the lawyer gives to you. Hence, a higher cost will be billed to you. The skills and experience of the attorney can also change the payment rate.

How do you pay for a lawyer?

1. Check your cash in the bank.

Getting the best criminal defense lawyer in Nashville will really cost you money. And you don’t want to spend another day in jail. Getting arrested can be considered a form of emergency. You can get some funds from your personal savings or emergency money. You can always earn your money, but not your freedom.

2. You can use your credit card.

If you don’t have any cash with you, you also charge it in your credit card. There are financial institutions that assist law firms in arranging and accepting credit card payments. They even arrange online payments. Just make sure to pay your dues to avoid another case on your plate.

3. Talk to your lawyer about payment plans.

As your criminal defense attorney, I personally recommend that you should be honest with your lawyer. Don’t pretend that you can pay if you don’t have the resources. I don’t want you to go to jail and my ultimate goal is to make you stay out of jail. Lawyers can arrange a repayment plan for you. You can pay for his service within six months or twelve months.

Getting a criminal defense lawyer in Nashville or anywhere at any case is pricey. But remember you are more important than money. So if you need any legal advice free, just contact me and I would be happy to help you.

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