I just want to move.

Can I move while I am on probation?

Can I move while I am on probation? Yes you can, but you must ask your probation officer first. The rules of probation require that you get the permission of your probation officer. Yes you can but ask your probation officers permission.

You will report regularly to your probation officer. When you report tell your officer where you live. If there is a chance you will move mention this to the probation officer. If you think you're having an opportunity to increase your family living space that is great. You’ve got a better apartment, a better house, another job, something like this. Tell your probation officer about the opportunity. I would suggest send them a letter or write a note that says I'd like permission to move.

The majority of probation officers that I've spoken to are not very concerned about where you live as long as you report where you live. If there are special conditions such as no contact with a certain person you may not be allowed to live somewhere. If you are not allowed to go around a certain place you may not be allowed to live somewhere. If you are have a sex offender registry issue there are places where you cannot live.

Be sure to keep your probation officer advised of where you live and where you want to move. This up to you. Know what to say beforehand. I want to move and I want to move to this location. What do you think? Can I get your permission? Can I get your blessings?

May I move while on probation? Yes, you may. Speak to your probation officer first. Survive and thrive on probation.


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