I want to hurt myself. Violation?

Can I violate probation by hurting myself?

On probation you cannot become violent but can you violate probation by hurting yourself?

Can I get in trouble for hurting myself? Probation rules say you will not be danger assaultive threatening intimidating to me or others. So yes, you can get in probation trouble for harming yourself. First if you're having thoughts of harming yourself please see a mental health professional. If you don't know where you might find someone to talk to ask your attorney. Talk to your probation officer. Talk to your pastor, priest or preacher friend. Talk to someone. There are people that love you and you are an important person as a human. Do not hurt yourself. Never do that. If that's a problem let me know but don't hurt yourself. Number one it's not good for you. Number two you may develop a problem with probation. Regarding the intimidating threatening assaulted behavior, even to yourself, it is a violation of the rules of probation.

I want you to survive and thrive in life and I would you survive and thrive on probation.


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