Is DUI by weed legal?

We have learned that the probability of your DUI charge getting dismissed is pegged on your recollection of the events and facts leading to the DUI arrest and the formation of a defense strategy based on the blog GET DUI ATTORNEY.

Many states have made marijuana legal for medical and recreational use. Although many states have, Tennessee has not. Marijuana is still illegal. In Tennessee you CAN get a DUI while under the influence of weed. “DUI by Weed” or DUI by marijuana can still get you in serious trouble.

Some people think marijuana should be legal. Some people think marijuana should be illegal. Whatever you think, in Tennessee, you may not use, carry, share, sell or grow marijuana. Marijuana has an effect on the user. That is why we use it. When using marijuana you are "under the influence" of the marijuana. Tennessee law says you cannot drive "under the influence" of any drugs, legal or illegal. You may not drive "under the influence."

Medical Exemptions

33 states, four out of five, allow the medical use of marijuana. If you have the medical authorization to use marijuana, and drive, in your state, be careful. In Tennessee we have not passed a medical marijuana law. While in Tennessee you may want to try CDB products. Do not use marijuana, even medical marijuana, and drive in Tennessee. Do not think that we are picking on marijuana. If you drive "under the influence" of a prescription drug or an over the counter drug you can face a DUI charge. You may have a medical marijuana card in your state please be careful in Tennessee.

DUI by Marijuana, Marijuana DUI Penalties

Driving under the influence, DUI, is illegal in all 50 states. Penalties for DUI vary from state to state. Here in Tennessee a DUI can get you from 48 hours to six (6) years in jail. In Tennessee you could go to jail. You could pay fines, court costs, and pay probation fees. You may have to do public service work and loss of your license. The same effects will come from DUI by alcohol and marijuana. Be careful. Drive safe and sober.

Final Verdict

DUI by weed is illegal in Tennessee. If you have medical authorization from another state, be careful. If you take medicine make sure it will not affect you while you are driving.

Get Legal help for this DUI

DUI is a serious charge. Driving by the influence of marijuana is a serious offense. Depending on your history it can be a misdemeanor or felony.

Do not try to handle this by yourself. Get a lawyer. Get a lawyer experienced in DUI. Stay out of jail. Listen for the words NOT GUILTY.

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