Listen to Your Lawyer

Listen to Your Lawyer

Hi. This is Jef Goldtrap. My tip of the day, Listen to your lawyer. Okay? Do NOT go out and hire a lawyer, pay good, hard earned money to seek out someone’s advise and then ignore that lawyer. Well, obviously, you say. I know you think no one would do this but I have seen it happen over and over again. The majority of lawyers that I know are concerned about their clients. If you came to my office and said “Jef, I was arrested for a DUI,” I would give you my advice. I might say you need to do something. I might give you a series of steps to take so that we can make the best defense possible. I might suggest you attend some AA meetings. I might suggest you begin a drug or alcohol assessment program to get ahead of any potential issues. Considering all the possible issues in a DUI arrest you could ask me questions about DUI tests, Field Sobriety Tests or interlock devices. Since I have been representing people for the last twenty three years I would tell you what you could expect from the court sessions. I would tell you about what you could expect from the next court appointment. I would tell you the roles of the prosecutor, judge and witnesses. What will you do. Suppose you came in, discussed your situation with me, paid the fee then said “great I got this now, don’t need you.” Would that make any sense? No!

What do you do if you hire a lawyer then disagree with the advise? Ask your attorney to withdraw. You are welcome to ask your attorney to step off your case and go hire another attorney. If you have a public defender you could ask that attorney to step off your case and appoint another attorney. If the judge appointed a private attorney to represent you then ask that attorney to withdraw. Remember you have a right to an attorney. You do not have a RIGHT to an attorney that you agree with. There is nothing wrong with asking your attorney to change tactics or strategies. Your attorney will listen to your concerns and give your concerns the weight he or she believes they should have. The attorney could decide to change the legal angles. The attorney could decide to follow the exact path that he or she had in mind to begin with. Listen to the input and ideas.

If you hire a lawyer, listen to your lawyer. If you have been appointed a private attorney listen to their advice. If you have been appointed a member of the public defender’s office listen to them. The attorney’s I know and work with are concerned about your success. They want the best for you. They want a good outcome. Listen to your lawyer.

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