Nashville Criminal Defense Attorney DUI Arrest Lesson 4: Less than $1 Way to Stay Out of Jail

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Do you have a DUI arrest and don’t know what to do? Don’t panic because here’s the cheapest way you can stay out jail and have a second chance of your life. As a defense lawyer, I give you practical tips that work in real life to keep you away from jail. So continue reading and take notes on what to do after DUI arrest.

What is DUI?

DUI or Driving Under the Influence is a criminal offense. DUI happens when a person drives a motor vehicle while impaired by alcohol or drugs. Did you know that you can be arrested for DUI even while you’re not driving? Let’s say you were found intoxicated in the parking lot holding your keys. You can still be charged because you are in control of the vehicle. For people under 21, there’s almost NO tolerance level for alcohol content in blood for drunk driving.

Attend AA Meeting to Stay Out of Jail After DUI Arrest

A DUI arrest is expensive and humiliating. The police would take you to the nearest station. You’ll pose in a mug shot intoxicated (not the selfie you’ve like). They will take your fingerprints and stay in jail like a real criminal until someone bails you out. But the pain does not end there. The next things you’ll do will dictate your fate. That is what you’ll do before you appear in court.

Here’s free legal advice for you to stay out of jail and bring your life back. Attend AA Meeting and do specifically what I say below. This will surely help your case and could save you from expensive fines, your driver’s license, and spending time in prison.

#1 Follow your lawyer and get into an AA Meeting

Attending an AA meeting does not automatically mean that you’re an alcoholic. But, definitely, you have a problem with alcohol that needs to be addressed. An AA Meeting can help you identify the cause. Why you are drinking and driving though you know it’s wrong. These are the people who understand your struggles and will help you change. You can easily find AA Meetings in nearby churches. They are free and the only requirement is you showing up.

Aside from AA Meeting’s positive effect on your personal issues, it will definitely help to build your case. This will tell the judge that you are doing something to fix your problem. It will build your credibility that you’ll not repeat your mistake again.

#2 Get $1 and buy yourself a pen and small notebook

Before you go to the AA Meeting, go to Walmart or a thrift store and buy a notebook and a pen. These two things are what you’ll spend on an AA Meeting.

#3 Attend the AA meeting and write the Chairperson’s name

This is a crucial move that you should not miss because if we will use the AA meeting in court, you need evidence. So once you’re there, write down who’s leading the meeting and the date you went. You can also ask the chairperson to sign. You can also get other types of proof like text message that you’re there but written one is still best.

#4 Finish the AA Meeting Program

Don’t just go there, have the Chairperson sign your notebook, and just leave. Remember that the goal is for you to stay out of jail. So you need to completely change and not break laws again.

I hope my less than $1 solution to stay our jail after DUI arrest helps you. Stay tuned for more legal pieces of advice on how to NOT put yourself behind bars and continue to live as a free person.

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