No dropping it now!

You didn’t pick it up so you can’t drop it

The lesson for today is you didn't pick it up so you can't drop it. Now what in the world are you talking about Jef? Here’s what I’m talking about. In domestic violence cases over and over and over in my 23 years I’ve heard people say, well Jef I’m going to just drop the case. I’m going to just drop the charges. Here’s the deal, you didn't pick them up and you can't drop them. If you are a witness, let's say you got angry with your spouse and you all had a fight. The police were called. You say Mr. Policeman he or she hit me. The police arrest him. Later on you regret making that police report. You regret the person being in jail. You think that you put him there and you want that to change. You think I love the person. He is going to do better this time.

You can't say I’m just going to drop the charges. You didn't pick them up and you can't drop them. At this point you are a witness for the state of Tennessee. There’s a law that says don't hit people. Hitting people is called assault. If you have the type of relationship to call this a domestic assault then it's domestic violence. You’re a witness to a domestic violence. You’re the witness that says I was struck in the face. You are the witness to say I was chased with a baseball bat or whatever happened. You are a witness. You don't own the case. You didn't pick it up and so you can't drop it.

Now there may be things you can do to help out. There may be ways that you can help your loved one’s case.

This is Jef Goldtrap. Hope you have a great day.

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