Probation and Black Powder

Can I use black powder guns?

I will not own, or possess a firearm. Jef, I like to hunt and I want to use black powder. This question comes up based on the idea that black powder guns are not firearms. This may very well be. It is entirely possible. I don't know enough about it to tell you that black powder weapons are or are not firearms. Here’s the question, do you want to be arrested? After an arrest you could lose your job. You could lose your apartment. You could lose your vehicle. You could be in jail some weeks or months. Remember, in a probation violation you don't have a right to bond. In a new charge you have a right to bond. In a probation officer you don't have a right to bond. To be fair I would say there are lawyers who argue that you do have a right to bond. My question, do you want to be that “test” case while you sit in jail for months while the case go through the court and appeal system?

To recap you could be arrested on a probation violation. The judge could say hold without bond. This would mean you're in jail for a week, two weeks, six weeks, eight weeks, whatever. You will be waiting on the judge to have your case called up. The Judge will first hear who your lawyer is or appoint a lawyer. Maybe you want a hire a lawyer. You’ve already lost money with your job etc. you've lost money hiring a lawyer. You’ve lost money on a lease. You take this case to court and if you have to explain to a judge that a black powder weapon is not a firearm. Let’s imagine. Both use a cartridge. A black powder rifle uses some sort of device to propel a projectile out the end of a tube. They both go boom. They both shoot out pieces of lead. One lead piece is round, one is conical, and one is more like a point. They both will kill you. They both will kill the deer that you're pointing at. Please don't take the effort to explain this to a judge. If it goes boom and it shoots something out the other end of a tube consider it a firearm. I don't want you going back to jail. I don't want you wasting your time, your money, your freedom, trying to explain this. You may be right, you may be wrong, sometimes you're better off. Here the question, is that the hill you want to die on? Is that really the hill you want to die on?

I'm Jef Goldtrap can you own a black-powder weapon on probation? Is that a violation of rule? I think it is. Be careful and don't violate the rules of probation. Thrive and survive probation.


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