Two magic words

Say Thank You

Hey, this is Jef Goldtrap. I am a lawyer and I give legal advice. Today’s blog is some legal advice but it is also just life advice.

My tip of the day; say thank you. There are two words that can help you as well as benefit someone else. The words are Thank You. Use of these two words will tell someone that you know what they did for you and you appreciate their effort. It may encourage them when they believed no one cared. It could tell them that they are valued. Either way use the words, Thank You.

In the physiology of your mouth there are muscles. None of your muscles will be injured by forming the words, Thank You. In the psychology of the human you must create mental thoughts to form words. No psychological injury will occur by forming the words, Thank You. Nothing will be hurt and much can be helped.

I have been a lawyer for many years now. Many times the lawyer is very interested in getting the best result for his or her client. Whether the client gets to avoid jail and go home to the family does not change the life of the lawyer. If the client succeeds in making the insurance company pay off on that injury settlement will improve the client’s life far more than it affects the lawyers life. Knowing that the client will get to keep his or her children or not get totally hosed in a divorce will greatly affect the client but not impact the lawyer. It will have no impact if the lawyer does not care about the client. In my experience most lawyers actually care about the lives and clients they touch each day. The lawyer fights. The fight other lawyers, police officers and sometimes judges every day, all day. Your lawyer does this and, chances are, you may never see.

Much of your case, much of the work of the lawyer, is behind the scenes, in the quiet hours of the night. Behind the scenes the lawyer battled the prosecutor who wanted you in prison. Behind the scene the lawyer fought the insurance company who wanted to screw you. Behind the scene the lawyer fought the system so you could get your children back. Did you see this? Maybe not. Do not blame yourself. The nature of the job is many hours preparing for a few minutes in front of a judge or jury. Pouring over laws, cases, rules and procedures. All of this work was ONLY after years of difficult schooling that prepares you to fight for the client one day.

Being a lawyer can be a tiring, difficult job that is thankless. Sometime stop and say Thank You. Thank You attorney who prevented me from going to jail. Thank you, lawyer, who faced down that prosecutor or judge. Thank you, lawyer, for staying up late, missing time with family or friends so that you could be up to date on cases and laws that will help my case. Thank you. You make it look easy.

Try saying this next time you see your lawyer. Write a note. Leave a review. Tell a friend. Just say thank you.

Thank you for reading this blog. Thank you for being part of the Goldtrap Law family. Go make this a great day.


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