When going to Jail is a GOOD thing

When is going to jail a good thing?

What? You cannot mean that going to jail is a GOOD thing. I thought the goal was to never go to jail. Jef and my legal team are supposed to keep me out of jail. What is all this about “When going to jail is a good thing?” Going to jail is never a good thing, right? Well, no.

Sometimes going to jail is a good thing. When? When you are faced with the possibility of going to jail for a long time and I can craft a deal that sends you to jail for less time this can be a good thing. Over years of helping people navigate the criminal justice system I have seen some weird “good” deals. A client was offered fifteen years in prison and turned it down. The defendant ended up getting fifty years. Another person was facing eleven months and twenty nine days in jail. We eventually agreed to 5 weekends to serve.

Do I want to go to jail for an hour, much less days, weeks or months? Absolutely no! I do not want any kind of pain or suffering. I want my life to be smooth, predictable and getting better every day. On the other hand if everything in life was smooth, predictable and getting better every day you would probably not be hiring a lawyer to keep you out of jail.

When you are facing something that is painful, worrisome or just uncomfortable the human reaction is to avoid it. Face it, we all avoid pain. Jail is pain. We want to avoid it. Many times in many years I have worked with people who only wanted to avoid the pain of jail.

Sometimes when we are facing something difficult we find that it cannot be avoided. The next solution: control the damage. If I am going to get hurt how about getting hurt less? In this way we see that going to jail is bad. Going to jail for less time than I could have gone is good.

When is going to jail a good thing? When I could have gone to jail for a lot longer than I did.

Jail is a difficult topic.

I hope I helped answer a question or two. If I did that is great. If you are only more confused reach out and let me clear up any questions. I would love to help and I would love for you to have a great day and better tomorrow.

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