Will I go to prison for my first felony?

Will I Go to prison for my first felony? Great question.

Hey guys Jef Goldtrap here in Nashville. A question came up, what are the chances of my going to prison for a first-time felony.

First of all what kind of felony is it. remember Tennessee grades felonies by A, B, C, D and E. Along with these there are some felonies, like murder, that is not even in those charts. Your question was what are the chances that I’m going to go to prison for my first time felony.

I will have to ask another question. Have you had prior misdemeanors? If this is the first felony of let's say aggravated assault and you've got five or six domestic assaults in your background there may be a better chance of you going to prison. You may not go to prison for a full sentence. Perhaps you will go to prison for a limited period of time, up to one year. If you have an E, D or C felony you are presumed eligible for probation and a good candidate for probation. Your chances may have just increased.

The question asked about your first time felony. If this is your first offense maybe, it's your first felony, and then the chances are better of you receiving probation. At the worst you may have to do some brief period of time before being released to probation. A judge can sentence you to up to one year before releasing you to probation. Later on look up my blogs about “split confinement.” A judge can send you to jail for less than one year before releasing you to probation.

The question was what are the chances of my going to prison for my first felony. If you have a C, D, or E felony the chances are not good that you will go to prison. The chances are better that you will receive some sort of probation. If your first felony is a b felony, b is in bravo, then the chances are better that you will not receive probation depending on what kind of conviction it is.

There are some convictions that you cannot get probation for even if this is your first felony. is an a felony second degree murder, attempted first, especially aggravated robbery, especially aggravated kidnapping, etc? You’re not going to be able to get probation. If a judge wanted to give you probation they could not. You are going to go to prison.

So when you say what's the chance of my going to prison for my first felony I’d have to know what kind of felony it is. What is the offense that you've been convicted of? Next I would have to know your prior criminal record. Are you a range one, range two, range three or career offender? All of this will have a huge impact of whether or not you receive probation.

I’m Jef Goldtrap. I hope I’ve answered a question. If I’ve confused you reach out. There are many ways to reach me. You can call the office at 615-254-1471; you can text a question to (615) 551-5481. You can send an email to goldtraplaw@gmail.com or you can hit me up on messenger. For more answers to common questions check out my YouTube channel Goldtrap Law.



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