Practice Areas

Criminal Defense Lawyer Jefre S. Goldtrap is happy to help you with all your legal needs. We will meet with you and discuss your legal issues and determine what is best for your situation. It may be that your legal need is not in an area where we are able to help you. In this case, we have working relations with many other attorneys in other areas of specialty. In general, there are three areas of practice for the law office of Jefre S. Goldtrap:

Personal Injury

Drug Charge?
Scary !
You or a loved one may be charged with a crime. Act NOW! Because anything you say can and WILL be used against you.
Our office has represented persons charged with offenses like the ones listed above and many others.

If the state of Tennessee is trying to send you or a loved one to jail, come see me!
You married your “ideal” person. He or she became an “ordeal,” and now you want a “new deal.” Come see me!

Parenting Time
Many people become fathers and mothers and must now struggle to have time with their child. We can help you keep time with your child or establish your right to spend time co-parenting your child.

Child Support
One glaring fact, if you are behind in child support YOU COULD GO TO JAIL! Come see me soon! There are many other aspects regarding child support. Come see me!
After an Accident or Injury, Now What?



If you've been involved in an accident or suffered an injury, you might have more questions than answers.
Major accident, minor accident or somewhere in between. Don't leave any compensation unclaimed. Come see me!